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Additional Accessories for the Horse

Saddle Cover

Childéric saddle cover for jumping or dressage saddles, each in gray/orange with teddy lining.


Sweat Blanket

Childéric sweat rug in gray with orange cord and decorative tail cord. This high-quality sweat rug is designed in a show rug style, with a chest flap.
Size: 145 cm and 155 cm
Color: gray/orange


Horses fly ears

Childéric fly veils in the colors blue/orange and black/orange.



Stable Curtain

Childéric stable curtain in gray/orange.



Childéric halter with lead rope in Full and Cob sizes.


Leg Wraps, Horse Boots

Childéric leg wraps are available in four leather and fur colors: black, brown, champagne, and white. These can be combined with each other as desired.

Sizes for front: S, M, L

Size for hind: M, L, XL

Saddle Care Set

To ensure that you enjoy your Childéric saddle and accessories for a long time, it's important to regularly care for the leather. For this purpose, Childéric saddle soap and oil are the best options. You can purchase these as a set or individually.