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Childéric Saddles

The name Luc Childéric stands for quality and comfort for both horse and rider.


With us, you can order a Childéric saddle that is custom-tailored to both you and your horse. Due to Luc Childéric's price fixing, a saddle that you have specially made does not cost more than an off-the-shelf Childéric saddle.

Take advantage of this opportunity and assemble your own personalized Childéric saddle!

Saddle Configurator

You can mix and match endlessly between the seat surfaces and saddle flaps of the individual models. You also get to decide whether your new favorite piece should be made from the finest buffalo or calfskin leather and choose from a wide range of colors. To ensure that it also becomes your horse's new favorite saddle, we will advise you on the choice of saddle cushion, among other things. If you have any other special requests, they will, of course, be happily accommodated.